AECOM is the world’s trusted infrastructure consulting firm, delivering professional services throughout the project lifecycle – from planning, design and engineering to program and construction management. On projects spanning transportation, buildings, water, new energy and the environment, our public- and private-sector clients trust us to solve their most complex challenges. Our teams are driven by a common purpose to deliver a better world through our unrivalled technical expertise and innovation, a culture of equity, diversity and inclusion, and a commitment to environmental, social and governance priorities.

Our over 600 multidisciplinary experts are focused in shaping a more sustainable world thanks to our technical excellence and our client’s trust to solve their most complex challenges. At our AECOM Spain offices, with headquarters in Madrid, we offer an integral service combining ESG principles and digital tools to guarantee quality in all projects we deliver.

Representative services

Civil Infrastructure: Population growth, lack of natural resources and spaces trigger the increasing need for safe, reliable, sustainable and resilient infrastructures. Our multidisciplinary team of experts in the fields of transportation, mobility, water, planning and project financing combine their knowledge to provide our public and private clients the level of expertise required for their needs. We can offer our expertise globally and delivery it locally.
Buildings + Places: We balance art and technology to create buildings as varied as skyscrapers, airports, hotels, malls or residential buildings. Our designs integrate our clients’ need to shape their worlds with functional, inspiring solutions. Whether working on a multi-acre corporate landscape, a great commercial area or a year-round resort, our experts consider the site’s and the client’s needs as well as the technical and budget requirements, financial mechanisms, long-term community effects, implementation, maintenance, and management of the project.

Environment & Sustainability: The combination of technical expertise together with an extensive experience in hundreds of environmental projects enable us to provide a high added value service to our public and private clients. We offer environmental solutions to a wide range of projects from very diverse sectors. Health and safety of our employees, clients, collaborators and all agents always come first. We apply our safety philosophy based on behavior to all our work, from design to execution and operation.

Latest news

AECOM Spain publishes its first Sustainability Report with reference to FY22. Alongside our ESG Report and as part of our commitment to delivering Sustainable Legacies, this document is an exercise of transparency that served to set ambitious goals and present the way we are taking action to make our world a better place. Read the document attached in our Publications section.